josh elyea & mairi timoney
josh elyea & mairi timoney

josh elyea & mairi timoney


art by mairi timoney paired with the prose it inspired by josh elyea

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preview of elyea's text on establishing life in a new city:

"She tells me a story about she how moved from California to New York with a hundred and fifty dollars in her pocket and this idea that New York would be welcoming, beautiful and filled with bright lights. The Strokes told her it would be, she says. Mos Def, too. And Scott Fitzgerald, and Spike Lee and Tina Fey. All these people she idolized said New York was the Mecca; who was she to argue?

But when she got here it was cold, and for a while she worked doggedly, cleaning rooms and tending bar. In the hardest times, she told herself over and over that no good can come from comfort, especially not art. She's a painter now, and she doesn't have to hide her tattoos at work. It's been worth it to grind out a life here."

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